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How MSB Can Help?

Hospitals conduct a vast amount of paperwork each day for the purpose of record keeping, registration, prescription, billing, insurance, etc. Multiple documents need to be signed at a time, and slows down the prescription making process. MSB Docs, with its wide range of document control solutions, streamlines all these processes, enabling hospitals to take informed decisions on the go in a fast and efficient manner.

The multiple features, which come bundled in a package do the following – replacing all paper records by electronic records (cloud storage enables easy retrieval of critical information as and when needed), automating the workflow, collecting signatures from patients, doctors and other hospital staff electronically, etc. All this helps hospitals globally to optimize their multiple processes of patient admission and registration, appointments, billing, preparing discharge summary, and many others.

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Inpatient Department (IPD)



Employ the industry-leading technology solutions to make your billing and claims process faster and more accurate. Collect all the patient data and treatment information in one go to generate comprehensive billing summary at the earliest. Speedier billing implies happy patients and more collections for the hospital. 

Capacity Planning and Patient Registration

Eliminate paper and simplify your patient on-boarding process. No need to get those bundles of documents completed and signed by patients manually at the time of admission. Collect these signatures digitally and reduce their waiting time. Comply with all admission formalities speedily and get your patients to clinical care faster.  

Lab operations & reports

Spare your patients from chasing doctors and lab professionals for their own diagnosis and reports. Fill the paper-gap with MSB Docs and enable your team to coordinate, share and prescribe on a unified digital platform. 


Hospitals typically need an authorization from the patient or his/ her family before undertaking any particular medical intervention. With MSB Docs, you could automate your entire consent process and capture these approvals anytime and from anywhere, electronically. The advanced digital signature technology would save you from the hassle of doing unnecessary tasks like printing forms, obtaining multiple signatures manually, scanning forms, etc. 

Discharge summary

Streamline your patient discharge process by providing electronically signed discharge summaries to your patients. Make your patient outbound process simpler, faster and more efficient. Improve your work practices and send back more happy patients through your doors. 


Outpatient Department (OPD)


Manage your appointment workflow with ease by scheduling all patient appointments digitally. Fill in all the appointment slots efficiently, while also planning and scheduling future appointments electronically. Minimize the patient wait time and provide them excellent experiences. 


Share the medical prescriptions and other relevant patient information electronically with the hospital’s in-house pharmacy. Let the pharmacists take over speedily all aspects of patient medication including verification, dispensing, invoicing, etc.  


Prescriptions & Lab Results

Generate all prescriptions and medical recommendations digitally. Be paper-free, since all these records are stored electronically, to be referred anytime by patients. The lab test results could also be furnished on the digital platform, giving instant access to patients whose treatments depend upon the test reports.


We ensure security & compliance!

MSB adheres to and meets the most demanding e-signature laws and guidelines across the globe. All the documents that are signed via MSB are legally enforceable under IT Act 2000 (India), ESIGN Act (USA), eIDAS (EU), FIPS 140-2. If we talk about the standards of security then MSB holds the highest standards for security such as ISO 27001, EU-US Privacy Shield and SSAE 16. We are also compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EMA, IT Act 2000 and HIPAA. So, with MSB, you don’t need to worry about the security of your crucial data as our system is full of security features including document validation and authentication control, signer identity verification, tamper-proof seal, and audit trail. So, the time you get partnered with MSB, you may eliminate the likelihood of all your documents being misplaced or being tampered and be ready to monitor transparency at every step of the processes.


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